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Omniverse Audio2Face

Reference application for animating 3D characters to match voice-over tracks in real-time.


Omniverse Audio2Face is a cutting-edge reference application designed to simplify facial animation synchronization with voice-over tracks. It comes preloaded with a 3D character model that can be animated in real-time using voice input. This application leverages a pre-trained Deep Neural Network to drive the 3D character’s facial animation based on the audio input, creating a seamless and synchronized experience. Omniverse Audio2Face also offers character transfer capabilities, allowing users to retarget the animation to various 3D human or human-like faces and control emotions with an AI network. Additionally, it supports data conversion features for blendshape conversion and export-import with Blendshapes for Blender and Unreal Engine, facilitating motion generation for characters. Whether you’re in animation, film, or game development, Omniverse Audio2Face is your tool for streamlining facial animation with voice synchronization. Explore the future of character animation with Omniverse Audio2Face.

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