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Musenet (OpenAI)

Deep neural network for generating 4-minute musical compositions with 10 instruments and various styles.


MuseNet, powered by OpenAI, is a creative powerhouse that generates AI-composed music with remarkable versatility. This deep neural network creates four-minute musical compositions featuring 10 different instruments and the ability to blend musical styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles. Utilizing the same cutting-edge unsupervised technology as GPT-2, MuseNet has been trained on extensive MIDI data, enabling it to produce musical pieces guided by your prompts. With MuseNet, you can embark on a musical journey and explore a rich spectrum of melodies, all meticulously crafted by artificial intelligence. Whether you’re a musician looking for inspiration or simply want to experience the magic of AI-generated music, MuseNet offers a symphony of possibilities at your fingertips. Harness the power of AI to compose your musical masterpieces with MuseNet.

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