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Mac app that generates images from text descriptions using Hugging Face models.


Diffusers is a Mac application that harnesses models from the Hugging Face Hub to generate images based on text descriptions. This versatile app is optimized and converted to Core ML for peak performance and ensures that image processing remains local, safeguarding user privacy. It offers a range of settings, including model selection, prompts, negative prompts, seed values, and step adjustments, allowing users to achieve their desired images with precision. Diffusers is open source, emphasizing transparency and customization. If you’re seeking a tool to bring your text-based visions to life, Diffusers is your creative companion. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or enthusiast, it empowers you to transform your textual ideas into captivating visuals with remarkable ease. Explore the artistic possibilities and privacy-centric image generation with Diffusers.

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