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AI Text Classifier (Open AI)

Official AI detection tool from OpenAI that predicts the likelihood of text being AI-generated.


The AI Text Classifier, developed by OpenAI, offers a unique perspective on text analysis. As an official AI detection tool, it’s designed to determine the likelihood that a piece of text has been generated by AI. Powered by a finely-tuned GPT model, this tool opens the door to discussions on AI literacy and detection accuracy. Users can submit text samples for classification, receiving results that range from “very unlikely” to “likely” AI-generated. However, it’s important to note that the tool may not always provide perfect accuracy. With a minimum requirement of 1,000 characters, it focuses on content written in English by adults. The AI Text Classifier from OpenAI is a valuable resource for those keen on exploring AI-generated text and understanding the growing impact of AI on content creation and interpretation.

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