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AI-powered text network visualization tool for generating insights and ideas.


InfraNodus stands as an advanced AI-powered text network visualization tool, offering the ability to generate insightful visualizations and ideas from any textual content. This versatile platform transforms text into interconnected networks, identifying core ideas, their relationships, and potential knowledge gaps. By harnessing natural language processing algorithms and leveraging GPT-3 AI, InfraNodus generates highly relevant queries that facilitate the exploration of thought-provoking ideas, facts, and research questions. It boasts a rich feature set, including data import and export capabilities, text mining, sentiment analysis, network analysis and visualization, multilingual support, mind mapping, knowledge graph creation, and an accessible API. InfraNodus operates with a commitment to privacy, ensuring that users’ data remains secure. Developed organically without external funding, it serves as a valuable tool for researchers, creatives, and knowledge seekers looking to gain deeper insights and uncover hidden connections within textual content.

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