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Slatebox is an AI visualization platform for creating editable visualizations using natural language prompts, offering real-time collaboration and integrations, with v...


Slatebox is the ultimate AI visualization platform that empowers users to effortlessly create stunning visualizations using natural language prompts. This innovative tool goes beyond traditional charting tools by allowing you to auto-generate diagrams based on text prompts or URLs. It even populates templates with AI-generated sticky notes for added context and insights. Collaborate in real-time with the assistance of AI and seamlessly integrate your visualizations with other tools through APIs. With features like mind mapping, team collaboration, privacy controls, and access to a vast library of shapes and templates, Slatebox redefines how teams brainstorm and visualize ideas. Choose from a range of pricing plans, including a forever free option, and unlock the potential of intuitive and customizable visualizations with Slatebox.

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