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Boomy is an AI music automation tool that lets users create, customize, and distribute original songs to streaming platforms and receive royalties.


Boomy is an AI-powered music automation tool that revolutionizes the music creation process. With Boomy, you can effortlessly create and save original songs in a matter of seconds, and then distribute them to major streaming services and stores worldwide. What sets Boomy apart is its customization capabilities – you can fine-tune your songs with production and composition features, and even add vocals to give your music a unique touch. Plus, when your songs are played on popular networks like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and YouTube, you receive a share of royalties. Boomy also offers the convenience of downloading your songs in various formats, copyright ownership transfers, and the flexibility to withdraw royalties via PayPal. With Boomy, you have the power to unleash your musical creativity and share it with the world.

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