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Add lyrics and vocal melodies to compositions with VOCALOID6's AI technology.


VOCALOID6, a groundbreaking AI-based technology developed by Yamaha, opens up a world of musical creativity. It enables users to effortlessly add lyrics and vocal melodies to their compositions, delivering a fully expressive musical experience. With features like VOCALOID:AI, Direction, Vocal Work, VOCALO CHANGER, Multilingual support, and compatibility with 4 voicebanks (SARAH, ALLEN, HARUKA, AKITO), it caters to diverse musical needs. Additionally, VOCALOID SHOP, run by Yamaha Corporation, offers comprehensive support for music production, from instruments to software. Whether you’re a songwriter, composer, or musician, VOCALOID6 empowers you to transform your musical ideas into reality, bridging the gap between creativity and technology.

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